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FWLR Racing his Eagle Talon and using the Knock Detective


Although Nick 'FWLR' Fowler is best known for his long standing music career, those who follow him know that he is just as obsessed with building cars as he is with making music.

Graduating from the Electrical Engineering Technology program at NBCC in 2008 , FWLR has always had a love for designing electronics. As he expanded his tuning efforts beyond his own fleet of cars and offered his tuning skills to the public, he found the need to create tools to help get the most power and reliability for his customers.

In 2023 FWLR decided to take his tuning tools to market.

Welcome to his journey.


It all started with a red 1992 Eagle Talon purchased for $700 in 2012. This was FWLR's first turbocharged car, and after hearing the turbo scream through the broken exhaust it was love at first pull. After spending some time getting his beloved turd roadworthy, the first major modification was to install an ECMtuning programmable ECU.


FWLR was always interested in what it took to make a car fast beyond the usual intake and exhaust modifications so he jumped right into the tuning side. Over the following decade he turned his Talon into a fire breathing dedicated autocross racecar. Along the way he acquired more turbo cars and soaked up as much tuning experience as possible, eventually making a name for himself in the Honda tuning scene and beyond.

FWLR's Turbocharged Eagle Talon Racecar
FWLR Building a Knock Detective by hand


FWLR has numerous unique products in the development stage. His first priority is to offer professional and unique tuning equipment at an enthusiast's price point. He also hopes to cultivate a strong and helpful automotive community on his Discord Server

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